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How To Re-Stain A Wooden Driveway Gate

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How To Re-Stain A Wooden Driveway Gate

Wood and steel are the most popular choices when it comes to materials used for driveway gates. While steel certainly has its upsides, a wooden driveway gate is one of the most beautiful additions you can incorporate into the exterior of your home. They can offer you utmost privacy and security while also serving as a stunning statement piece.

Wood is a time-tested material however it’s also susceptible to damage from the elements with water and sun damage being the most common problems. In order to avoid this, new gates are sealed and finished as fast as possible, while refinishing your older gate can restore it to its former glory. If you’ve decided to refinish your wooden gates you need to do it in a way that will ensure a gorgeous and long-lasting result.

1.     Remove past coats of paint or stain


The first step you should take is to ensure that the surface you’re working with is completely clean. You will have either paint or a stain on your gate which you need to completely remove before starting to work on refinishing the gate. A pressure washer is ideal to remove any dirt and most of the loose and flaking paint that is on your gate. However to ensure a smooth surface you will need to go a step further. In order to truly remove all the loose paint you will need to thoroughly sand the wood. This is also the method you need to use if you’re removing the layers of stain from previously stained wood. 

It’s also important that the wood is completely dry before you start finishing it, so if you’re using a pressure washer allow enough time for it to dry out, a couple of days at minimum. This is an area where you can’t afford to take shortcuts unless you want an uneven and lackluster result.

2.     Plan for the weather


We’ve already mentioned that it’s important for the wood to be completely dry before you begin the re-staining process. This includes planning ahead for rain. The summer is the ideal time to do this since it’s important that there is no rain for the duration of the project in order to ensure that the stain will properly seal the wood and dry completely. If you live in a particular rainy area consult with a professional about the precautions they take when dealing with this issue.

3.     Choosing the new look


Re-staining your driveway gate can give it a whole new look. If you’re very fond of its previous shade or if you have a matching wooden fence, you might want to find a shade that is similar to the one you had previously. Otherwise, the choice is completely up to you. You can choose to match it to your house or create a contrast.

Take into consideration the colors that will surround your fence to make sure that the entire exterior will work well together. When choosing your product, look for one that will maximize your gate’s resistance to the elements, such as a stain that can offer both UV-protection and that has a water-proof sealant.

4.     Staining The Gate


Before you begin staining make sure to protect the surrounding area. Place a plastic cover on the ground around the gate in order to protect your driveway.  Protect any hardware on the gate with tape and don’t forget to cover nearby plants. Next wipe down the gate using a microfiber or tack cloth in order to ensure a completely clean working surface and you’re ready to begin staining your wooden driveway gate.

You can apply the stain with a combination of a roller for larger areas and a brush that will help you cover more difficult to reach areas such as carvings. For best results, don’t use strokes in many different directions; instead, try to follow the direction of the wood grain.

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