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5 Ideas for Creating a Unique Fence

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5 Ideas for Creating a Unique Fence


While the primary purpose of your fence is added security, privacy and keeping children and pets safely inside the yard that doesn’t mean that your choice of fencing needs to boring, traditional or “off the rack.” In fact, a new fence offers a fantastic opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal and can be a unique and stylish addition to the property’s exterior look. Since there is a large variety of styles and materials to choose from creating a unique fence that suits your taste and the look of your home is easy and limited only by your imagination. If the white picket fence simply isn’t your style and you want something more unique for your home, these 5 ideas can serve as the inspiration for your new fence.

1.   “Living” Fence

A living fence is a great way to protect your property while also adding more greenery to your yard. Creating a living fence is perfect for those with a green thumb who have the time and patience to cultivate it. There are many different ways to create this type of fence, from a natural barrier made of a row of espaliered small trees to hedges made of shrubbery. If you already have a fence that you’d like to keep, adding climbing vines is a great way to transform it into a greener and nicer-looking one. Another option is to mount small planters directly on the fence and plant flowers that work well with your fence’s coloring.


2.   Combine Materials

Mixing and matching different materials for your fence is a great way to make it stand out since nearly all fences are made of one material whether that’s wood, steel or vinyl. Combining them opens up a new set of opportunities to create a fence that looks different than the norm and is unique to your property. The materials can be combined in nearly countless ways, from a wooden fence with metal or glass details to a metal frame with wooden panels. Experiment with different designs to find the one that works best for you.


3.   Get Artsy

Art doesn’t have to be contained to framed paintings on your interior walls. Think of your fence as a canvas and express your creativity. A solid fence is ideal for a mural, while latticed fences can be painted with different patterns or decorations that express your unique tastes to the world. Aside from paint, you can also mount ceramic tile or even glass to your fence to create a mosaic design.

4.   Add Lighting

If you use your yard a lot especially during the evenings in the spring and summer adding lighting to your fence is a great way to combine functionality with decorative elements. There are plenty of stylish outdoor lighting options available from intricate light fixtures, solar powered lights to colored LED lights that can create a warm and playful atmosphere in your yard.


5.   Reuse Materials

One of the easiest ways to create an unusual and attractive fence without breaking the bank is by using recycled materials. If you, your family or friends have any debris from previous home improvement projects or have recently replaced your porch the materials could be reused to create a new fence. Wood can be stained and painted while steel rebar can be welded. If you have the time, this is an option you should definitely consider for your fence.

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