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Garage doors trends for 2020

Pacific Gates Inc Garage Doors, Automatic Driveway Gates, and More

Garage doors trends for 2020

The new year and decade are bringing with them a whole slew of new and different home design trends and garage door designs are changing along with everything else. If you’re someone who likes to stay on trend or you’re considering selling your home in the near future staying on top of the current design trends could help you. The following 5 garage door trends for 2020 can help you get inspired when updating your garage door.

1. Eye-catching designs


Who says that a garage door needs to be plain, boring and blend in with the rest of the landscape? The garage door takes up prime real estate in the homes’ exterior and it can make or break your property’s overall curb appeal. In 2020 many designers and homeowners alike are staying away from nondescript garage doors and instead opting for eye-catching designs that draw attention.

There are countless ways to make your garage door stand out. Being innovative with the design can be achieved even while keeping in line with an overall traditional or modern design. Different patterns, materials, styles, and hardware all play a part in completing the look of an eye-catching and bold garage door design.

2. Playing with Color


Garage doors are usually painted white, beige or brown as a continuation of the nondescript door trend. In 2020 be prepared for these to change as more and more homeowners are choosing to add bold or dark colors to their garage doors. Deeper and darker browns and blacks achieve a simple yet bold look for those who want to add contrast and interest to the outside of the home while bold and bright colors such as blues, greens and even reds are seeing a surge in popularity among homeowners who want their home to truly stand out.

3. Smart Doors

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With the rise of smart technology it was only a matter of time before garage doors became part of the trend. Well that time is now, and in this new decade keep an eye out for this feature. Smart garage doors offer many conveniences such as opening and closing your door from your phone which eliminates the daily search for the remote opener. If you’re someone who is never sure whether or not they locked the door you can check and make sure it’s closed through an app on your phone whether you’re in bed or at the office.

4. Eco-Friendly Doors


5. Incorporating Glass


Adding more natural light to the garage is another design trend that is on the rise in 2020. It’s a great way to save electricity and improve the overall look and ambiance of a garage. Incorporating glass into a garage door design can be done in different ways; some opt to have an entirely glass garage door while others choose to modify their more traditional doors by adding large windows to the door.

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