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Preventing Pests and Bugs into Your Yard

Pacific Gates Inc Garage Doors, Automatic Driveway Gates, and More

Preventing Pests and Bugs into Your Yard

Do you like to relax in your garden and not worry about pests and bugs roaming around?

Do you have a garden that has been attacked by little creatures roaming free?

Having a fence built in your yard can help keep those critters at bay. A fence that is at least 6 feet tall will ensure your privacy as well as minimize pests and bugs from ruining your garden. You will be able to enjoy your backyard more and relax knowing that your home and garden is pest free.

One of the things that pests and bugs are attracted to is water. The first thing is to make sure you do not have any standing water spots. One way to rid of these in your yard is to have your yard rolled when it is wet to work out all of the depressions and bumps. When your fence is installed it is important that it is built secure and does not form a moat that will hold water. Water is what attracts bugs the most and they will collect making your garden their playground.

Bugs and Pest also love tall grass and thick bushes. It is important to keep your lawn maintained and mowed on a regular basis. If there are weeds growing from the ground or near the fence, it is wise to remove them with a weed trimmer. If you keep your yard in proper condition and your neighbors do not, you may ask them to also maintain their property to reduce the population of bugs in the area.


Another important factor is when the fence is installed it must be built 12 inches below ground level. There are different approaches to this. One approach is to purchase a fence that will be at least a foot taller than what you want to allow for sub-terrain installation. Another approach is to attach a mesh material to the bottom of your fence and install it that way. Doing this will prevent pests that tunnel under your fence.

It is worthwhile to know when installing your fence what the correct property lines are. If by mistake you install your fence on your neighbor’s property you will have to remove the fence. Same goes for if you install your fence to close to your home. That is why it is crucial to have a professional know what he is doing and is up to date with property information and permits. In the long run you will save time and money if it is done right the first time.

In Summary, there are several things that can be done to prevent pests and bugs from entering your yard. You can make sure there are no standing spots of water. You can also make sure the lawn is mowed on a regular basis and bushes are trimmed. You can also invite neighbors to do the same. It is important that the installation is done by a professional to ensure the best quality and safety measures. 

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