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What Type of Chain Lubricant to Use on Your Automatic Gate Opener

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What Type of Chain Lubricant to Use on Your Automatic Gate Opener

Chain Lubricant : Which One Should You Use?


Chain Lubricant is likely one of the most important tools in your maintenance arsenal for prolonging the life of your automatic driveway gate . In this article, Pacific Gates explores the different types of chain lubricants available on the market, ending with our pick for the best chain lubricant to use with your Automatic Driveway Gate


1. WD-40


This is probably the most common household item of this list. Many people have this product and it commonly is thought of as being a lubricant for just about anything. WD-40 actually does have a huge amount of uses, however “driveway gate lubricant” is simply not one of them.

WD-40 is actually not a lubricant at all.

We have this misconception because it’s actually a cleaner. So when we use the product on a “creaky door,” if it’s rusty, WD-40 removes the rust and residue, making it quiet as a result; it is not because it lubricated the door. So using WD-40 may quiet the creaking of a dirty gate, but does not aid in the lubrication process.

2. Oil

oil chain lube

Oil is a great lubricant for many different purposes, however, when it comes to lubricating your automatic driveway gate, Oil can work as a lubricant, but is not necessarily the best option. Using oil has a few drawbacks, but the biggest problem with oil is that it is very messy- it can drip from your gate attracting dirt and grit, and can end up leaving unsightly stains on your driveway. In a pinch, oil works, but there are certainly better options

3. Grease

If you're reaching for grease as your next choice of lubricant, not so fast. Although grease seems like an obvious choice, there is one overwhelming problem when using grease to lubricate your driveway gate opening system- Grease is an attractor of dirt, grit, and dust which overtime can damage the moving parts of your automatic driveway gate opener.
Grease works great on closed systems such as engines, or machines with enclosed mechanisms, but not as well for systems which have exposed chains or moving parts like a driveway gate. As the wind and elements stir up particulates in the air, and dirt off the ground, these contaminates can effectively turn grease into sand paper which can eat away the metal on the moving parts of the opener.

4. Silicone Based Lubricants

silicone based chain lube

Silicone based lube is a decent choice- it works its way around barings, and in between the smaller parts of the mechanism. Silicone based lubricant is not very messy, and can be found at any big box home improvement retail store in a convenient aerosol can, and a reasonable price. Although a good choice, there is still one kind of chain lubricant which tops our charts for the best type to use with an Automatic driveway gate opener

5. White Lithium Grease

white lithium based grease

And here you have it, our number one choice for chain lubricant to use with your automatic driveway gate! White lithium grease is convenient, easy to use and also comes in an aerosol can. In addition, this P.T.F.E. fortified, durable, non-staining lubricant provides superior friction reduction between similar or different materials than other lubricants. White Lithium Grease will not run, wash off in rain, or freeze and does not gum up or cake on applied surfaces. This is a professional grade product for use on all moving parts found on residential, commercial and industrial garage doors, automatic gate openers, and electrical operators, including, rollers, hinges, bearings, springs, cables, roller chain, locks, latches, and any other moving part on your driveway gate.

In closing

The market has a, seemingly, endless variety of lubricants which can be used to lubricate a automatic driveway gate, however not every option is suitable for this purpose. We suggest using a White Lithium Grease, which you can pick up at your local hardware store. Hopefully this will help you when your make your next purchase!
and dont forget- using chain lubricant is an important part of maintaining your automatic driveway gate, so protect your investment and keep all moving parts well lubricated!

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