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Driveway Gate Ideas | Modern & Contemporary

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Driveway Gate Ideas | Modern & Contemporary

Driveway Gate Ideas & Inspiration

driveway gate ideas


The Styles of 2016

One of the most popular styles of driveway gates out there is Modern. Although modern and contemporary are actually two different styles, many people use them interchangibly. We hope that the following dirveway gates will inspire you when you choose your own design!


One of the most popular styles of gate that we have seen over the course of 2016 is are gates which blend the contemporary look of steel with the earthy look of wood. Definitely an unexpected trend, but the results are truly works of art.

Dirveway Gates and Entry Gates: Wood & Steel

driveway gate inspiration 1

We love the look of the horizontal wood panels and the gleaming stainless steel accents. 


driveway gate inspiration 2

These sliding gates have chrome in place of stainless steel. The detail work is beautiful!


driveway gate inspiration 3

The deep, dark chocolate stain on the wood paneling is in stark contrast to the shining steel, and compliments it beautifully


driveway gate inspiration 4

These Entry gates have a fun splash of color that really makes them stand out!


driveway gate inspiration 5

This sliding driveway gate utilized unfinished cedar, and juxtaposes it with the clean, sleek steel


driveway gate inspiration 6

These gates take this style a step further by also including frosted glass panels. The slightly red tint in the wooden panels is perfect



Metal Only : Steel and Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

The next batch of photos in our gallery are driveway gates that stuck to one material, but did it well. These steel and Iron driveway gates are beautiful and imposing.


driveway gate inspiration 7

These iron driveway gates are a fantastic example of how natural wear and actually enhance a gate's aesthetic!


driveway gate inspiration 8

This stainless steel driveway gate is minimalistic and delicate. The accents and details in the steel makes it stand out


driveway gate inspiration 9

 These gates reside in Beverly Hills. Although more rustic than modern, they're great all the same!


driveway gate inspiration 10

You don't have to be extravegant to be beautiful! These neutral  color driveway gates are great


driveway gate inspiration 11

 A simple, elegant example of well executed iron driveway gates


Wood & Glass

The next driveway gate photos are all examples of wooden driveway gates which are accented by glass panels. You might think that it is a terrible idea to have glass panels on anything exterior; however, glass panels are surprisingly resilliant.


driveway gate inspiration 13

Personally, I think these would look even better had the wood been stained with a dark color to match the asphalt


driveway gate inspiration 14

 Truly a work of art! The warm wood compliments the cool toned glass beautifully! 


driveway gate inspiration 15

These imposing gates are the examplification of modern style driveway gates


driveway gate inspiration 16

The horizontal panels offer extra support for the glass panels and look great!


driveway gate inspiration 17

The horizontal wood panels and frosted glass accent offer complete privacy


driveway gate inspiration 18

Simple, effective, Beautiful. Full glass panels with a stainless steel frame


A new take on wood driveway gates

The following gates are a fresh take on a traditional material. Wood has long been the material of choice among home owners for driveway gates for multiple reasons. It is good to see such a staple of the industry in a new, modern, interesting light!


driveway gate inspiration 19

Sometimes all it takes is one small design element to transform an aesthetic


driveway gate inspiration 20

These massive driveway gates are so awesome, and look like they took a long time to fabricate!


driveway gate inspiration 21

Although these are on a steel frame (most wodden gates are), the main aesthetic are these horizontal wood planks which are a mixture of various species and ages. 


driveway gate inspiration 22

Don't let the paint fool you! These modern driveway gates have a heart of wood.


In closing:

Hopefully this list of beautiful driveway gates inspires you to design your own! The contemporary style depicted in these photos is all the rage in Los Angeles, and it is safe to assume that the east coast is not alone in this trend. Happy designing!



Author: Admin
Published: 7/28/2016


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