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Choosing the Right Fence

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Choosing the Right Fence

Aside from a driveway gate, a fence is a necessity for most homeowners. The right fence around your property has multiple purposes. It can provide you with privacy and security, block out wind and drafts, block out street views, and keep your pets inside your yard while keeping wildlife out.The first steps to take are figuring out your exact property lines and making sure there are no utility lines in the way. After that, these are the main things you need to consider when choosing the fence that will suit your needs and space perfectly.

1.    Privacy


A solid fence is unmatched when it comes to providing privacy; however it can also feel too imposing on most properties. A good alternative is a space that has a little space between the boards that will let some light through. Another option is incorporating a closely spaced lattice fence combined with climbing plants. When deciding on the height of your fence, consider the slope of your yard as well as your neighbor’s yards, any local building codes as well as the position of any sitting areas and other aspects of your yard that you want to be covered.

If you don’t want to have a tall fence surrounding your entire yard, but you still want to have privacy around the sitting areas or around a hot tub, pool, or play area, look into creating a stepped design for your fence. The stair-step design will allow you to place taller sections around the areas you want to have the most privacy, while still having a relatively open space with lower fencing around the lawn or garden areas.

2.    Wind


If privacy is not a big concern, but you would still like to block strong drafts and breezes consider installing a glass fence, or adding glass panels to an otherwise solid fence. Glass fences are ideal for people who don’t want to block out light or the view from their patio, while still being protected from the wind. If glass doesn’t seem like the right choice for you, a privacy fence with smaller gaps will achieve the same protection. By making the fence shorter near areas that will be used mainly for sitting you will still have plenty of light.

3.    Security


Security is one of the main benefits that fences offer. A gate with strong locks, added height and a smooth surface without any protrusions and indents that can serve as hand and foot holds are the main things you should look for in fencing if security is a priority. Most security fences look imposing and can be up to 8 feet high. However, you can achieve a less imposing look with the same level of security with a 6 foot tall fence by adding a trellis that is a couple of feet taller to the top of the fence. 

4.    Pets



If you want your fence to prevent your dogs from getting out of your yard, the first thing you need to do is figure out your dog’s habits. Most dogs fit into one of two categories: jumpers and diggers. If your dog is a jumper, you need to consider their size and how high they can jump, and make your fence at least half a foot taller than that number. Don’t leave any gaps between the boards that your dog can fit through.

If your dog is a digger, make sure to bury the base of your fence at least 6-8 inches underground and consider lining the perimeter of the fence with hardscaping as a further deterrent. If you have an easily excitable dog, a solid fence may be your best choice in order to block any visual cues such as passing cars, people or cats that may stimulate your dog and provoke barking.

Cats are extremely adept climbers and as such it’s much trickier to prevent them from jumping out of your yard. If your cat likes to spend time outside, but you’re worried about them climbing over the fence, consider getting a fence with an inward sloping top or coating the fence with a slippery material that will prevent your feline from getting a grip.


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