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Caring for your Driveway Gate

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Caring for your Driveway Gate

One of the best ways to improve the look and functionality of your property is by adding a driveway gate. The right gate will be an attractive feature which will tie together the exterior of the home and the fencing surrounding it, as well as add a unique feature to your driveway.

In order to keep your driveway gate in peak condition you must set aside the time to care for it properly. With maintenance your gate will keep its beautiful look through the years of constant use. The following tips can make caring for your driveway gate a simple task that you won’t be tempted to skip.

Protect Your Gate


Your driveway gate will be exposed to all sorts of inclement weather throughout the seasons which will invariably lead to some damage regardless of the material your gate it made of. Both wooden and metal gates are susceptible to water damage, so it’s imperative that you apply a protective coating to the gate.

Iron gates can rust easily if they don’t have the appropriate coating applied and reapplied as necessary. A buildup of rust on your gate won’t only damage its appearance. It will eventually lead to damage and a loss of functionality.

A wooden gate can rot and warp due to prolonged exposure to moisture, both of which are very difficult problems to repair and may result in your needed to replace the gate entirely. Look for protective coatings and sealants that suit the gate’s material and reapply them at least twice a year.

Regular Inspections


With frequent and regular inspections of your gate you can solve any issues that may arise before they become major problems. Make it a habit to check your gate for any areas that are showing signs of damage such as cracks, rust, or loose parts. Identifying potential issues early on gives you time to fix them for much cheaper than if the issue had gone undetected and caused significant or even irreparable damage to the gate.

Keep It Clean


As is the case with all outdoor furnishings, your driveway gate will accumulate dirt over time. A dirty gate can ruin the look of the entire exterior of your property, but more insidiously, the layers of dirt can hide damage to your gate, which can lead to it breaking down without you knowing what the problem is. Luckily, warm water, a mild detergent and a sponge is all that’s needed to keep your gate sparkling clean – provided you use them regularly. Additionally, you may choose to paint your gate at regular intervals, as nearly all paint jobs start to fade and chip due to sun and rain exposure.

Spot Repair


Don’t wait for damage to accumulate before you take the time to repair it. Spot repair is an effective technique which will allow you to stay on top of your gate maintenance without spending a huge of time and effort. For example, if you notice rust in a one or two spots on your gate, take care of it immediately before it has the chance to spread and corrode the metal further. If you spot any cracks in a wooden gate, repair them as soon as you can, to prevent the crack for getting larger and maybe even breaking your gate. If you notice any significant damage that you’re unsure how to repair on your own, don’t ignore it! Instead, consult with a professional or even hire them to come out and repair your gate.

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