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What To Consider When Installing An Automatic Driveway

Pacific Gates Inc Garage Doors, Automatic Driveway Gates, and More

What To Consider When Installing An Automatic Driveway

Installing an automatic driveway gate is an investment; however it’s an investment that doesn’t require an extravagant amount of money while still providing you with a great return. This is especially true when you consider that an automated driveway gate has the potential to increase your property value by tens of thousands of dollars as well as making it much easier to sell.

A driveway gate is an expected part of a property’s design in certain neighborhoods, and an automatic one can increase both the property’s curb appeal and security. These are the main things that you need to pay attention to when choosing an automatic driveway gate if your goal is to maximize your return on investment.

1.     The Right Material


The best materials used for driveway gates are wrought iron, steel and wood. When you have a wrought iron gate you can choose to have it as ornate or as streamlined according to your personal taste.

 Iron driveway gates are a classic and can work well in many different styles. Wooden driveway gates are usually solid which adds to the property’s privacy and are also considered universally attractive. A wooden driveway gate can be created in both a traditional and modern style, and even a blending of the two which increase their global appeal as they can be incorporated into any architectural style.

2.     The Gate Design


Your gate design should reflect your personal tastes as well as match the rest of your property. However, if selling your home is a strong possibility you should also consider the type of design that would appeal to largest amount of potential buyers. You can never go wrong with a classic, timeless and tasteful design. This will ensure that your new driveway gate stands the test of time and retains a universally appealing appearance.

Stay away from the extremes; creating a design that is very traditional or extremely modern will hurt your chances. Also, very trendy or abstract designs can succumb to irrelevance within a few years of installation and you’ll be left with an outdated driveway gate that will scare potential customers away before they even make it through the gate.

Another possible issue is incorporating monograms into the gate design. This is fine if you’re certain that you won’t be selling the property. Otherwise your customer pool will shrink down to the people with the same initials as you, or those who don’t mind replacing a functional automatic driveway gate just because of one detail. 

3.     The Overall Look


Your automatic driveway gate needs to fit into the overall look of the property in order to create the optimal aesthetic. Creating a cohesive and harmonious look should be one of the main considerations when choosing your gate. If your home’s architecture is traditional, choose a gate design in a similar style. This also applies to more modern homes. Take into account the lines, angels and colors of your home before deciding on a gate design in order to avoid making your property look mismatched.

4.     Install A Security System


Most homes are equipped with alarm systems, and a driveway gate is a great additional layer of protection. You can equip your gate with additional security devices such as cameras, an intercom or even a keypad entry. All of this will boost not only your personal security, but will be a great point to raise your property’s value.


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