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Details To Improve The Look Of Your Driveway

Pacific Gates Inc Garage Doors, Automatic Driveway Gates, and More

Details To Improve The Look Of Your Driveway

The outside of your home should be a representation of your style and your personality. This applies to your driveway gate which is the first thing your guests will see when visiting your home. A simple and basic gate design may suit some, but if you’re someone who likes to express their personality and creativity there are many ways you can use your driveway gate as a way to showcase your interests as well as complement and enhance the entire look of the exterior of your home.  You can choose to showcase the overall architectural style or create a beautiful gate that blends in perfectly with the natural elements of your yard. Whatever you goal is, there is a way to make it happen.

1.        The Pillars of Your Gate


The gate posts are the frame for the artwork that is your gate. It only makes sense that you would want them to have their own beauty and to make a statement. Iron gates usually have accompanying posts that are painted either black or in a color that matches the color of the iron, while the posts for wooden gates can be wrapped in a matching material. However, many homeowners choose to make a bold statement by opting to enhance their standard posts with stone. This can make quite an impact on the overall aesthetic of your entryway. Stone offers many choices as to the finished look of your columns so you’re free to decide if you want a refined style, a rustic one, or anything else.

2.        Decorative Lighting


If you want something that will not only add an interesting look to your gate, but also provide other uses, decorative lighting is the thing for you. Not only will it make it easier for you to navigate at night, but will also enhance the security of the periphery of your home. When it comes to choosing the actual light fixtures you should aim to match the color and style of the metalwork of the lights to any metal details that are on the gate. Look at your options and decide which method of installation will work best with your landscape design, whether you choose to place on top or on the front of the columns, or you can choose to make a stronger impact with ‘up-lighting’ by installing your lights in the ground for a dramatic effect.

3.        Add an Arch


An arched driveway gate makes a statement. It can be as gentle or as steep as you’d like it be, based on the level of drama and boldness you’d like to have, as well as what would work best in regards with the rest of your home’s style.  The degree of the curve and the overall height are the main elements to which you should pay attention, but don’t overlook the importance of the color and material the arch is built with as it should match or at least complement the rest of the gate. If you’re not sure if an arch is a good fit for your gate, consider an inverted one, otherwise known as a scallop. The much gentler U-shape adds a degree of interest to the overall look without being too overwhelming.

4.        Decorations and Ornaments


An ornamental feature added to your gate can both add an interesting detail to your entryway and is the perfect opportunity to showcase your interests and personal style. They can be custom-made from a material you choose and painted any way that you think would best suit the gate itself. While adding statues may seem a bit too much, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose a small and tasteful statue to be added to the top of your gate’s pillars that are sure to add an element of elegance and sophistication to your property. If you’re not sold on statues, consider adding planters that can be filled with your favorite plants and offer you a chance to change up the look seasonally or whenever you get bored of the current look.


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