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Underrated Tips and Tricks When Installing Your Gate

Pacific Gates Inc Garage Doors, Automatic Driveway Gates, and More

Underrated Tips and Tricks When Installing Your Gate

There comes a time when proper maintenance, renovation, and repairs are needed to upgrade your gate. Curb appeal isn’t everything, but one must always be careful when tending to the gate and not to make space for more problems related to rusting, painting, and such. A good handyman always knows how to check even the slightest details concerning your gate. Here we will see why it’s important to have every aspect of proper gate maintenance be covered so you won’t have problems popping up during the season.

Many details concerning the gate get shamelessly overlooked, and people end up questioning their gate salesman why there are problems like rusting and denting. Do not fear, as these problems are overlooked for a reason. Here are one of the more overlooked tips and tricks for installing, repairing, and gate maintenance so you won’t have to end up with costly repairs and maintenance that will rip a hole in your pocket. Nobody wants to be “that” guy.


Creating Space

Proper spacing is required when you are choosing a spot for your gate. When you decide to select a lovely spot for placing your gate, always strive for that same place which will allow your car to leave the roadway. That way you can wait for the gate to open, and it’s much easier with curb appeal. This is one of the most overlooked methods, and although it looks very simple, many homeowners ignore it.

Additionally, always be sure that you don’t have any objects lying around that will obstruct the gate’s movement and it won’t fully open. This includes that pesky, uneven ground or the driveway slope. Be sure to plan ahead when it comes to stuff like this. It always seems irrational or too picky, but once the tables turn, there are not many options left for you to choose from.


Measuring And Calculations

Always consider to make perfect calculations while consulting with your handyman. One of the more useful ways to calculate the distance is by running a string between two stakes in a line, and the line should follow the bottom of the gate. That way, you can measure the line when it’s hung. Try using a line level to make sure you have the right calculations.

Take care to have the ground as flat as possible so that the gate will have no obstructions. It usually hangs a few inches from the ground, but you should consider having a higher gate or a lower ground level, it is relative. Don’t be surprised to see when that short bump turns into something which stands in the way of the gate. Be careful when planning this.

Also, you should measure the distance between your posts before placing them. One of the best methods of proper calculation is using white flour to mark the spots of the posts. That way you will be sure and certain of the correct measure.


About Digging And Concrete Posts

This is a very important tip – when you came to the part of digging for your post holes, do not make perfect circle holes! This way you can prevent the posts from twisting and changing direction. You don’t want this to happen. Your concrete mix should not be too rare or soupy because you will have to take the extra time to brace your posts and set them still while they dry and set. So, leave the concrete stiff and thick. Additionally, using adjustable hinges can always make sure you compensate for any faults or other deviations from the plumb.

One more thing, using a level and plumb line is perfect for when you want to set the posts into the concrete mix. If perchance the posts are not plumb, there is a chance your gates may not hung perfectly, and that may cause problems. Always take time to properly measure the post distance just to be sure. Do it while you are filling your concrete around the post, it will save more time!


Automatic Gate Openers

Of course, if you thought about it and you want to install an automatic gate opener (it’s a very recommendable investment!), always make sure you have a PVC pipe to be used as a conduit between posts. This is important during installing the bi-parting swing gates, or other gates you may buy. Be sure you thread the PVC pipe with a string so you can put it on the opener wire and pull it through the gate when set.

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About Pillars

Lastly, if you want to have your gate installed with your pillars attached together, it’s a very good idea to set the posts BEHIND the pillars. This is obligatory if you are using an automatic. This makes sure you won’t have to drill into the expensive pillars and it will provide an even sturdier mount where the gate can function better.

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