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The Cost Of Electric Gates: A Price Analysis

Pacific Gates Inc Garage Doors, Automatic Driveway Gates, and More

The Cost Of Electric Gates: A Price Analysis

There are too many little details and factors that make up the total cost of an electric (automated) gate. Consulting your insurance agent or contractor is a good idea, but you are the one who is paying. Choosing the cheapest option is a definite no-no, due to the simple fact that you get what you pay for. It's not always a viable option if you are looking for a suitable quality, and the choice depends on your needs when analyzing the cost of electric gates of your choosing.


To no one's surprise, automatic gates are popping up in every neighborhood. The prices vary so much, most owners choose the wrong type of gate with the wrong type of preference. They could have avoided burning a hole in their pockets and purchased something more in accord with their needs. If you are too busy to browse or consult your seller about choosing your automatic gate, here's a handy guide for you where we rundown the cost of electric gates.

Some important, legal points to consider:

1. Grab yourself references and insurance details regarding the tradesmen of the gates. The proper qualifications should be looked into and thoroughly analyzed for any details.

2. Review the previous sales of the tradesmen and check the customer feedback. This is a deciding factor.

3. If the quote covers the groundworks for automation and cables, the precise cost of installation, you receive a guarantee with it, you're all set.

4. Consider agreeing on stage payments. Always be careful whether or not the certifier has signed each stage, only then you should pay. You should also consider taking pictures of the stages. It's not for family memories, but for good measurement and solid evidence.

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5. Escrow payment facilities are pretty awesome too. Managing the payments for safeguarding is no joke. Consider grabbing yourself an escrow payment facility.

6. Be mindful if you need planning permission, and whether or not your gate is close to highways, height consideration, and such. If your gate is close to a highway or footpath adjacent to a highway and your gate is one meter or taller then you will need planning permission. If the gate is higher than two meters then you will need planning permission regardless of how close to the highway the gate is.

Pricing and Cost Consideration

Firstly, we'll be discussing the ballpark costs of electric driveways, as they are notoriously variable, depending on the material of the gates, the style and design, and the sheer size of it. Additionally, we will also consider analyzing the types of gates and the cost of the material. You never know which material or design is the best suited for your home and when browsing the cost of electric gates.

The 12 ft. steel flat-top gates cost more than $1,600, while double-rail arched-top gates cost around $2,000 dollars. Keep in mind that almost 70% of driveway gates are powder-coated steel, aluminum (remember that it's rust resistant!), and wrought iron. But, it doesn't matter once you understand that dual 16ft. flat-top steel gates go from $2,000 to $2,350, and a standard arched-top costs around $2,500.

Steel Swing Gate, Los Angeles

It's a well-known fact that steel and iron is the way to go. On the other hand, aluminum doesn't rust and is lighter, and less effective, as a matter of fact. Consider your choices. If you don't care much for style, go for the flat-tops!

The Types Of Gates

-Wood gates are the ones that are prone to heavy damages and require a lot of maintenance. Cracking and warping is a nuisance. It's the cheapest choice you can make when considering the cost of electric gates.

-Then, we have metal gates that are the most popular and the least needy. The downside of metal gates are that they don't offer much privacy, but that's not such a big problem. Consider buying sliding gates, because swing gates are overwhelmingly expensive. Ornate metal gates are the ones that are the most expensive due to their swanky design and unusual finishes.

-Hardwood gates replace the softwood gates and offer better durability, for your additional dollars. This may be a good choice for you if you want a gate for your weekend house or countryside hut.

Gate Openers

On automatic gate openers, they are available in light-duty, medium, and heavy-duty. The cheapest are the 12v DC-powered openers, and hydraulic are the most expensive. Then you have variability on security systems, open/close systems, vehicle detection, keypad and voice com, card readers, camera systems, etc. Just think about what you REALLY need, and try not to go for the most expensive one. This is very important when breaking down the cost of electric gates and looking for the best price.


Generally, the lowest priced systems are around $5,000 dollars in total. The more advanced ones are from $5,500 up to $11,000 or $12,000 to $18,000. If you are not messing around and want to go all the way with high-quality columns and double swing gates, along with hydraulic openers and camera systems, card readers, vehicle detection and such, it takes around $35,000 to make it so.

You will need around $250 dollars for a light-duty opener if you are the economical spender. It's especially cool with 12 ft. gates. Medium-duty is for the bigger gates, approximately 550 lbs of steel and costs around $400 easy. Heavy-duty is made for opening 18 ft. long gates. They usually go from $450 single, and $600 dual, this may be a deciding factor when scanning the cost of electrict gates.

Maintenance Cost Of Electric Gates And Electricity

When it comes to the electric bill, don't worry. Automatic gates don't eat electricity and the cost usually depends on the usage. When passive, automatic gates eat 100 watts a day. It's not much.


At last, this ensures quality and reliability, and although it's not always the case, it's not much of a difference in the long run. The gates almost always come fully assembled and ready for professional or DIY installation. To sum up, by considering these well-studied factors, you won't have a problem browsing the perfect gate for your home and perhaps considering other more viable options. It's all up to you.

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