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Advantages of a Wood Driveway Gate

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Advantages of a Wood Driveway Gate



Advantages of a Wood Driveway Gate

If you have already made the fantastic decision to protect your home and family with the added security of a driveway gate, then your next step is to decide on which of the various materials available on the market is best suited to your needs. The three most common types of automatic driveway gate are:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Wrought Iron


This article spotlights wood, and the many advantages associated with owning a Wood Driveway Gate .

Attributes of Wooden Driveway Gates

It is important to note that although the main material in wooden gates is wood; the wood is supported by a steel frame. This increases the longevity and durability of the gate as a whole. For driveway gates
the wood that we would recommend is redwood. Why Redwood? Because Redwood is durable, beautiful, and functions well as part of any automatic driveway gate system. Most often times. wood fencing and wood gates are built using pressure treated redwood, which is more resistant to the elements and decay than other types of wood.

The Main Qualities which set Wooden Driveway Gates apart from the other materials on the market are:

  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Appearance Over Time
  • Privacy
  • Environmental Friendliness



Although wood is not the least expensive material on the market, it is certainly the most economical coming in around $1,800 for a single panel, manual wood driveway gate and ranging upwards of $8,000 for custom made, multiple panel, automatic driveway gates, wood can be considered around mid-price range for driveway gates. On average, a consumer should be prepared to pay somewhere in the area of $3,000-$5,000 for a wooden gate that isnt a generic, prefabricated version available at bigbox hardware stores.



Virtually Zero

Provided that you keep sprinklers from spraying it daily, and have your gate built from pressure treated redwood, you can expect an average lifespan of around 15-20 years, add the fact that our wood drive way gates are built onto a frame which prevents sagging over time. During its lifespan, only spot maintenance should be necessary. Remember- wood is perfectly made to be outside, and especially with the addition of preservatives, wood holds up incredibly well in climates that are not incredibly humid.

Appearance Over Time

Unlike iron that can rust, or vinyl that fades in the sun, or even steel which loses its lustre, wooden driveway gates have a decay process which, to many people, actually enhances its look over time. In many cases after a few years exposed to the elements, wood takes on an earthy, warm tone that only accentuates the nearby surroundings.



Horizontal Wood Gates have grown in popularity over the last few years, and both from a stylistic standpoint, but also from a privacy standpoint, its easy to understand why.

There is no other driveway gate on the market that offers the kind of privacy a horizontal wood fencecan offer. For one thing, the slats having no space between them make your driveway invisible to any passers-by which allows you and your children the freedom to utilize your front or back yard without the stress or worry of wandering eyes.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a natural product- so unlike certain other fencing materials, wood degrades over time naturally. And these days, trees are most often grown in areas of land specifically set aside for manufacturing. This helps to reduce the amount of "wild" trees taken from the environment and keeps the destruction of forests contained to designated areas which are planted and farmed in a regular succession.

In Closing

The market for automated driveway gates
is flooded with options and color choices, all of which are also viable materials, however, there is just something about the inviting, warm look and feel of wood that really sets it apart as the perfect choice of material for any electric driveway fence

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